PinBRIGHT Trading Co. Ltd specializes in electronic and industrial single and double coating film and all kinds of high temperature resistant tapes. Our products made from , and . We supply to electronic, plastic, shoe, TFT-LCD and automobile manufactories. Our customer not only in Taiwan,we also export to Thailand, Indonesia, China, and other Southeastern Asian countries and now are working on to develop more customer in the whole world. We are not only supply the product and also our service.


The following are some additional information about our main products: 1. Protective film used by electronic, plastic, and other specialized industrial. 2. Acrylic double sided tape can be in electronic industry, shoe industry, and household usage to replace regular adhesive entities tapes and used on leather products, name plates, rubber board, paper making, handcraft, and stationeries. we are one of the leading prominent providers of these products.

We are constantly looking for new ways to upgrade the quality of our products and add more items to our reciting excellent selections. While trying to expand our market globally, we will make it our firm commitment to customers' satisfaction. Whatever our customers need, we are ready to supply.

In the future, we hope that you, our valued customer, will grow together with us. Our headquarters is based in Taipei, but are working to set up branch offices in and in mainland. But our firm commitment is to satisfy our valued customers like your establishment.