Sandwich double-sided tape

The company's non-woven double-sided tape is in line with electronic grade RoHS, halogen-free, SVHC & PAHs limited material specifications, non-woven substrate, one-punch processing, good workability, good weather resistance.

info_outline Structure Diagram

*****Acrylic glue*****
Non-woven film
*****Acrylic glue*****


Applicable areas include PC, PET, PP, PMMA, glass, building materials, plastic injection, printed circuit boards, panels, automotive trim, automotive pedals, automotive parts production, aluminum sheet printing, housing protection, CNC machining, test film, Steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum strip, metal plate, excellent reworkability, good adhesion to plastics and metals, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, strong non-woven machine, good peeling glue, improve heavy work Processing use.

info_outline Specifications

 Color Tensile Strength MD Kg/25mm Thickness (mm) Viscosity(g/25mm) Temperature resistance(°C)
White 2.0 0.14 1.6 -20~160
White 2.0 0.16 1.8 -20~160