Cotton paper double-sided tape

The company's cotton paper double-sided tape is in line with electronic grade RoHS2.0, SVHC limited material range, halogen-free and other specifications, a wide range of applications.

info_outline Structure Diagram

Release Paper
****Acrylic glue ****
Tissue substrate
****Acrylic glue ****


Adhesive double-sided material, fixed

info_outline Specifications
The company's cotton paper double-sided tape has a wide variety of products, following the different needs of customers, continuous research and development production in response to the needs of different industries. General use of the general printing, stationery packaging, advertising billboards, acrylic plates, PS, PMMA, PC, PET, Metal, Glass, Wood, Foam, Printed Circuit Board, Control Panel, Automotive.

Material Color Thickness(um) Viscosity
Tissue Translucent 0.65 1.2 Ming plate, stationery, advertising board -20~130
Tissue Translucent 0.09 1.4 Ming edition, PE, PP, paper, metal -20~130
Tissue Translucent 0.15 1.6 High temperature resistance, easy punching, PE, various plastics, PP --20~130
Tissue Translucent 0.15 2.0 PE, PP, PS, PC, foam, paper, rubber -20~130
Tissue Black 0.13 1.6 PE, PP, PS, PC, foam, paper -13~70
Tissue Black 0.15 2.0 PE, PP, PS, PC, foam, paper, all kinds of plastic, rubber -13~70